Sofa Shampooing Services

Sofa cleaning services in Mumbai ,navi Mumbai by the Yogiraj Home Cleaning by the well trained professionals offering the best upholstery cleaning in Navi Mumbai

Sofa is the main sitting room in our draw romm ,where the relatives ,family members spend their time .thats why the sofa should be hygienic and fresh place to be discuusion .most of the children play in the sofa.and best place to see movie by sitting comfortably .

  • Dry vacuum of sofa front side and back side
  • Shampooing and machine scrubbing of sofa.
  • Remove stain 95%. ( sofa cloth condition)
  • Dry your sofa 80%.

Service Hours:1-3 Hours

No. Of Cleaners: 1-2 (Depend on no. of sofa seats)

  • Prices are per seat (1 seat approx. 20in x 20in)
  • Old sofa fabric can fear due to scrubbing. Over scrubbing to remove stains can also damage fabric
  • Cushion cleaning will be charged extra. (Small Cushion 50/- Each & Big Cushion 100/- Each)
  • Sofa should not be used until completely dry.
  • We don't give 100% guarantee on hard & old stains because more scrubbing will damage the fabric.
  • Customer has to provide for water & electrical connection.
  • Customer should be must verify the completed work, we do not do rework.